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   PMC is a management consultancy company based in Hong Kong founded by three doctorial students from the University of Newcastle Australia, Jackie, Terence and AP in 2016. The company offers professional service and training includes business research and consulting, management training, and high level post graduated education covering Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific region. Our mission is to create value for its customers for increasing competitive advantage, shaping organization strategies, and the elevation of organizational and personal competence. 

   PMC partners with University of Newcastle Australia offering high level of on-campus on-line education programs including bachelor and post graduate degree on Nursing and Midwifery and associated terminologies, and Master of Business Administration. We also provide professional and management training for organizations to suit for their specific needs.

   PMC provide business research to assist organizations to formulating their strategies to shape its competitive advantage in the market. Researches include, but not limited to market and organization research, business process enhancement, change management and business transformation etc.